It occurred to me while resting on the beach in Rio that this trip was exactly forty days and forty nights. So that’s what I’ve been doing, my own short, personal sojourn in the desert. And what have I learned from it all. Well, a few things . . .

One: It’s important to rest

Two: I need to buy a beach chair

Three: Traveling with a companion makes good memories to share

Four: People deeply appreciate your attempts to speak in their tongue

Five: The world is full of very good people, let go of the others

In route from SF to Eugene. Mount Shasta is on my right now and the Coast Range on my left.  It’s shocking to see the glaciers on Shasta almost completely receded. I can see the red rock where I climbed up with a group in 1980. The snowfields are gone and there’s only a tiny piece of glacier at the top.  Huge climatic changes. This explains my disorientation as we flew into SF this morning. It’s my state! and I didn’t even recognize the terrain an hour into SF. There was either no snow-capped Sierra Nevada Range, or I was asleep. I think not the latter. The peaks can look quite a bit lower without their snowy caps and although I scanned the horizon for a long time, it appeared that the range was not there.

Landing soon.