The Samba Club-- Carioca du Gema

The Samba Club– Carioca du Gema

Acai tongues

Acai tongues


Images of returning home have begun to seep into my dreams, wrought with uncomfortable thoughts about work, fence building conflicts with my neighbor, and the immediate need to get apartments rented ASAP.  I’ve managed to switch it off during the day, so as not to taint the few days I have remaining on this sojourn, but the unconscious seems to have grabbed the reigns at night.

It does seem quite long ago that I landed in Quito and embarked on this slightly planned interlude–– a sweet refrain between the music I heard before and whatever piece will be played next. I’m guessing most of us in these in between spaces have a quiet hope that on return, we will see the world a bit differently, and live our lives with renewed clarity. What that means for me at this point, I’m not sure.  I oscillate back and forth between a desperate desire to have more time and a strong sense of how indulgent it is to be wandering around the world with no responsibility, income, or daily efforts made to maintain my livelihood.  Why am I doing this? Is it the need for an interlude in my life or the need to see other’s lives to get a grip on my own . . . a sense of how I may want to alter its design for the next twenty years plus?

I’ll move on to the weather.  .  . It’s been crazy in Rio! Everything from hot, beachy days to wind and cold rain. Today was definitely not a beach day, so instead we went to Eric’s concert (excellent!) and took the train up to see Cristo. It seemed like the perfect, Sunday pilgrimage for a Jew 🙂 The view from the rock where he’s perched is 360 degrees and amazing, although today it was pretty gray.

Last minute shopping tomorrow to buy some Cachaca, and then hopefully hours on the beach to be calmed by the last waves of Rio.