Lake Cuicocha, Ecuador’s “Crater Lake”

Animal Market in Otavalo


The Crepe Maker

The Crepe Maker

The local, available food is pretty important when you’re traveling on a minimalist budget. Eating three times a day can add up quickly. I love this country! This evening, I sat in the marketplace with the locals at dusk and let a sweet, indigenous woman with a beaming smile, feed me her magic till I was all warm inside and ready to retire early for the night. Chicken soup (rivaled my own!), chicken, rice, potatoes, and beets. All for $1.50. Unbelieveable!! Then I topped it off with a Pan de Mais, and a pastry filled with mermelada. (The little boy who sold it to me was very pleased to teach me a new word in Spanish.)

It’s been a good day. Arrived in Otavalo at 9:30am and took in the market place, visited the town of  Cotacachi, known for it’s leather craft, and took a boat ride on volcanic Lake Cuicocha. Heading down into the Cloud Forest tomorrow.