Sitting in the SF airport. A bit like the cutting of the umbilical cord; leaving home. Can’t believe how much there is to do to get out. Cleaning coops, notes for housesitter, plant the beans (for food on return), get proper clothes for Rio, make copies of everything. I even mailed off my will to the lawyer yesterday. Just coincidence, preparing it now. Got a freebee and it seemed like the right time. Ok, so I will be traveling on SA airlines . . . but that wasn’t what clinched it. Almost  60 and its a good thing to have spelled out. The kid gets the house, my meager savings, and a toyota pushing 275, 000 mi.  What a deal!

I find airports fascinating. Who knows where all these people are going! Bouncing around in this one building like random molecules. You can feel the travel stress. Will I make my flight? Will my baggage arrive? Do I really have to go home?

I’ve had only 3-hours of sleep, so am not very alert. Bad way to enter the foreign shores of S. America at 11pm! Hopefully I’ll knock some z’s on the airplane.

So how does one lose a red sweatshirt at the Eugene Airport, between security and Gate A?? Good thing I had plenty of time before boarding to track it down. Definitely not clear headed this morning. And, good thing I lost a bit of weight or this passport belt would not fit in my pants! Got to get use to having this lifeline tied around my belly.

Well, boarding in 5 minutes. On to Houston!